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Detailed solution of coil root forming ring application
The Chinese and German ZD-RP packing ring is also called the molded packing ring, which refers to the annular seal ring molded by the packing of various materials. According to the size of packing chamber, a sealing ring or packing ring is preformed by pressing the coiled packing root and placing it into the mold. There are usually two types: cutting preloading, forming the opening ring and cutting preloading forming closed ring. The packing ring has uniform radial force distribution, accurate size control and easy installation. Practice has proved that the sealing effect is better than that of the ordinary cutting pan 30%, which has been widely used at present.
The root ring of various materials is suitable for various applications. The coil can be used in groups alone and can be used with different materials to get better sealing effect. More packing rings are also used as end rings of upper and lower ends of graphite packing rings, so as to prevent graphite packing from extruding graphite packing ring and high carbon packing ring. In the sealing industry, the common coil ring has ZD-RP1100 graphite coil root ring, ZD-RP1400 aramid root ring, ZD-RP1200 pure tetrafluoroethylene ring, ZD-RP1420 four angle aramid Teflon ring, ZD-RP1310 high carbon fiber Pan Genhuan, ZD-PP1210 tetrafluoro graphite coil root ring, ZD-RP1600 ramie coil root ring, ZD-RP1601 high water base coil ring, ZD-RP1500 acrylic fiber coil root ring and so on. According to the performance characteristics of various packings, it is selected in the corresponding industry and equipment.

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