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Acrylic Fibre Braided Packing
Description:Acrylic fibre braided packing is made from acrylic fiber. And acrylic fibre packing is impregnated with PTFE dispersion and siliconfree lubricants.It is a flexible ,resilient,homogeneous and compact packing.The acrylic fibre packing can be widely utilized in general applications on rotary or alternative shafts.For example,acrylic fibre packing can be used in paper mills, foodstuffs,pharmaceutical industries,ect....

Kynol Fibre Braided Packing(Novoloid Fiber Braided Packing
Description:Kynol Fibre Braided Packing is braided from high-performance KynolTM (also named novoloidTM or phenolicTM) fiber impregnated with special PTFE lubricant, it has very good mechanical properties combining softness and strength. The packing has natural golden sheen. Compared to ordinary aramid and PTFE...

PTFE Fibre Braided Packing with Synthetic fiber Conner
Description: PTFE Fibre Braided Packing with Synthetic fiber Conner is a multi line combination packing. The corner line is reinforced by the red fluorine aramid fiber, and the sealing body is made of pure tetrafluoroethylene yarn. This structure not only made up the lubricity of red aramid fiber, but also increased the intensity of tetrafluoroethylene. Synthetic fiber (organic crosslinking) white fluorine packing is mainly designed for high pressure reciprocat...

Pan Fibre Braided Packing
Description: PAN fiber is woven with high strength polyacrylonitrile composite fiber, and then impregnated with polytetrafluoroethylene emulsion and high temperature lubricants. It has good lubricity and flexibility. Under low temperature and low pressure, it is an excellent and inexpensive sealed packing, such as adding a large amount of fine graphite particles, especially suitable for various mixing machines. Seal. According to customer requiremen...

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