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Ramie Fibre Braided Packing
Description:Ramie fiber braided packing is readily controllable packing.It can treat shafts gently.This kind of packing is used in many fields.For example,Ramie fiber braided packing can be used in ship building,paper-making industry,beverages industry and brewing etc. And especially, Ramie fiber braided packing is appointed to use in the foodstuff and pharmaceutical industry. It is adapt to all kinds of water, sea water, brines, oils, greases, weak acids and alkalis etc. Especi...

Ramie Packing with graphite & oil impregnation
Description:Ramie Packing with graphite & oil impregnation is mainly used for emulsion, water,oil,applicable to high pressure slurry pump of oil field, hydraulic support in coal mine and emulsion pump, etc.The former fabric-reinforced rubber ring has such disadvantages, such as short life span, frequent changing, and high strength of manpower, which not only blocks the production, influence economic benefits but also pollutes the environment seriously. After the application of R...

Cotton Fibre Braided Packing With Grease
Description:Cotton Fibre Braided Packing With Grease is?braided from Pre-impregnated, twisted cotton yarns, intensively re-impregnated during braiding. Flexible and elastic, easy to handle, It’s an economical packing for the limits of application stated。ZD-P1620A is treated by white vaseline, and ZD-P1620B is with yellow butter....

Cotton Fibre Braided Packing With Graphite Oil
Description:Cotton Packing with Graphite & oil:Pre-impregnated cotton yarns treated with graphite, then thoroughly re-impregnated during braiding. The packing is resilient and flexible....

Flax Packing with Grease
Description:Flax Packing with Grease is square braided construction, vaseline coated and special grease lubricated throughout....

Asbestos Fibre Braided Packing
Description:Chrysotile asbestos packing is braided with chrysotile asbestos yarn which is impregnated with PTFE. Chrysotile asbestos packing has more better effect of sealing.It is used for all rotating and reciprocating pumps, mixers,valves sealing against hot and cold water.Chrysotile asbestos packing can also be used in caustics, mild acids, difficult chemicals,air,gases, steam, solvents, oil,marine applications....

Asbestos Graphite Fibres Packing with Oil?
Description: Asbestos Graphite Fibres Packing with Oil is made of graphite, woven or twisted by impregnating the cotton line (or with a metal stone cotton line). It is suitable for the rotary shaft, the reciprocating piston or the valve rod as the sealing material. According to the working requirement of production of clamping the steel wire (or nickel wire, stainless steel wire) lead oil immersed asbestos packing. According to customer requirements, it can ...

Graphite Asbestos Fibre Packing Reinforced With Inconnel Wire
Description: Graphite Asbestos Fibre Packing Reinforced With Inconnel Wire is processed by rubber and graphite, and can be blackened inside and outside according to requirements. Every asbestos wire is reinforced with INCONEL or other metal wires. It can be used for valves under high temperature and high pressure and slow speed equipment. It can also be used as a static seal for hand holes, Manholes, shell covers, etc. It is suitable for steam hammer, reaction ...

Glass Fibre Braided Packing
Description:Glass fibre packing is braided with high quality E-glass fiber without ant impregnant.It is braided without any flammability component.Usually,it's staticc sealing packing.Glass fibre packing has many excellent capabilities of high strength and high temperature resistance, low density and low thermal conductivity,better insulation and incombustible etc...

Ceramic Fibre Braided Packing
Description:Ceramic fibre packing is braided with high quality ceramic fiber without ant impregnant.It is braided without any flammability component.This kind of gland Packing is staticc sealing packing.Ceramic fibre packing has many excellent capabilities of high strength and high temperature resistance, low density,low thermal conductivity,better insulation,incombustible,etc.Usually,It can be impregnated with graphite latex.This kind of graphite ceramic fibre packing is used i...

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