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Pure PTFE(Teflon) Fibre Braided Packing
Description:As we know,PTFE fiber has perfect resistance to most of chemicals except molten alkali metals.This kind of plastic has perfect self-lubricant. PTFE is called "king of plastic".And the PTFE cause no pollution to the medium or liquid.Pure PTFE fiber braided packing is a braided packing made of PTFE yarn without soaking any PTFE dispersion and lubrication. But PTFE fiber braided packing has greatly enhanced ability to seal high speed shafts with the addition of inactive...

PTFE Packing with Oil
Description:PTFE Packing with Oil is dynamic sealing packing.This kind of PTFE packing is Pure PTFE packing with special lubrication.It is designed for dynamic.PTFE Packing with Oil is used for valves and low & medium shaft speed applications under medial pressure.PTFE Packing with Oil can be used in food processing.It can also be used in pharmaceuticals, paper mils.PTFE lubricant packing can also be used in fiber plants where high purity and corrosion resistance is required...

Multiple PTFE(Teflon) Filament Packing
Description:PTFE filament packing is braided with PTFE filament which is impregnated piece by piece with PTFE dispersion. Flexibility,PTFE filament packing has almost complete chemical inertia.PTFE filament packing has dimensional stability.PTFE filament packing has low friction coefficient to compression. And PTFE filament packing also has excellent resistance to compression.PTFE filament packing are one of the best available packing in the industrial field.It is suitable for a...

PTFE(Teflon) Fibre Packing With Silicon Core
Description:PTFE Fiber Braided Packing with silicone rubber core is braided with PTFE filament and blended with silicone rubber in central postion.PTFE Fiber Braided Packing with silicone rubber core has excellent comperssion compensating power.PTFE Fiber Braided Packing with silicone rubber core has same applications as PTFE filament packing....

PTFE Packing With Kevlar Fibre Corner
Description:PTFE packing with kevlar fibre corner is incorporated with 100% DUPON's kevlar fibre yarn throughout the foure corners.This structure enhances the lubricating ability of aramid and reinforces the strength of pure PTFE fibre packing.PTFE packing with kevlar fibre corner has good silding properties and thermal conductivity.And every fibre is impregnated with PTFE emulsion.This system of impregnation assure even distribution of the PTFE.The fibre is saturated and sealed...

PTFE Packing with Kynol fiber corners
Description:PTFE packing with kynol fibre corner is contains the advantage both PTFE and Kynol.PTFE packing with kynol fibre corner is high performance packing that is well suited to applications where graphite impregnation may not be acceptable. Suitable for abrasive media, and where contamination is not permitted. It has multiple uses in chemical plants and pulp and paper mills, and is regularly used in rotating and reciprocating pumps, washer journals, liquor pumps, refiners ...

PTFE Graphite Fibre Packing
Description:PTFE graphite fiber braided packing consists of PTFE yarn containing graphite particles. PTFE graphite fibre packing has great tear strength and high thermal.It also has low coefficient of friction and perfect stability and long service. This kind of teflon packing is recommended for sealing pump shafts, and PTFE graphite fibre packing is used to seal water, steam, solvents for agitators, mixers, autoclaves and centrifugal pumps etc....

High-strength PTFE graphite packing
Description:The high-strength PTFE packing is made of PTFE wires containing graphite particles, using GFO fiber as the manufacturing process, it has strong tearing strength and high thermal conductivity, and low friction coefficient makes it stable and long life. It is recommended to be used for pump shaft seal, also can be used to seal water, steam, solvent and other media stirrer, mixer, pressure heater and centrifugal pump....

PTFE Graphite Fibre Packing With Oil
Description:PTFE graphite packing with oil is a braided packing made of pure PTFE thin yarns fiber, and is treated with a special inert lubricant. It is a very plastic packing. Under a minimum pressure of the stuffing box, it keeps unchanged in the long run. The low friction coefficient prevents the surface of the shaft from forming heat even in the presence of high peripheral speeds. PTFE graphite packing with oil is suitable for high-concentrated chemical products, strongly ag...

PTFE Graphite Filament Yarn Braided Packing
Description:PTFE Graphite Filament Yarn is made by special technique, high strength PTFE filament pretreated with graphite impregnation. The packing contains more graphite content compared with normal graphite PTFE, it has very low friction and good thermal conductivity of graphite, The characteristics is excellent, just has cross-sectional density, and some particles of graphite on surface. it almost suits for most of chemical media. It is new style....

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