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Frenzelit ISOPLAN 750, 1100 gasket
Description: ISOPLAN 1100, with special ceramic fiber, mineral filler, mixing filler and adhesive, has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, because the thermal conductivity is small, and the adiabatic is very good. Being able to withstand very high temperature and very small thermal conductivity determines the application scope of ISOPLAN insulation pad as insulation material.
 Model:Frenzelit ISOPLAN 750, 1100

Pure graphite gasket
A premium quality graphite jointing gaskets made by 98% pure exfoliated graphite.
High quality grade made by 99.8% grade graphite is available for nuclear industry applications.
Prime Features

Asbestos Rubber Gasket
About The Asbestos Material:Asbestos occurs naturally in the environment and is actually a group of minerals. Because of its resistance to heat and corrosion, asbestos was used extensively in the manufacturing industry--especially in the building and automotive trades--until its health hazards were discovered. Gaskets make a joint--or two matching machine parts--tight, preventing the leakage of gas or fluid....

Non-asbestos Gasket(CNAF Gasket,Asbestos-free Gasket)
Description:Non-asbestos gaskets come in a variety of basic materials comprised of carbon, graphite, fiberglass, aramid fiber, Kevlar and other mineral fibers. The basic components of the non-asbestos materials used in gasket construction are elastomer and filler.Add special adhesives and a little packing into it, then roll and sulfurated. The elastomer composition corresponds to the application of the gasket, assisting in the categorization and selection of the gasket best used...

Pure PTFE Gasket,Polytetrafluoroethylene Gasket
Description: ZD-G1600 is made by cutting PTFE stick, pipe and sheet into flat shape PTFE gasket, v shape PTFE gasket or valve annulus PTFE gasket.PTFE gasket has 100% PTFE structure.It can bear the most bitter chemical medium, and PTFE gasket has good anti-creeping performance.PTFE gasket is a replacement of asbestos,and it is anti-creeping, anti-cold-flow, anti-low-temerature.PTFE gasket has no pollution and is easy to install and replace. under small pre-stress force,it can be...

Modified PTFE Gasket
Description:As we know,PTFE gasket is anti-creeping, anti-cold-flow, anti-low-temerature and PTFE gasket has no pollution. If we add some more useful element into the PTFE,the compression resistance and high temperature resistance will be more perfect.For example,can add some fibreglass,graphite,bronze to improve the character of pure PTFE gasket.We have PTFE gasket reinforced with glass fibre,graphite PTFE gasket,reformative PTFE gasket,PTFE bronze gasket,ect....

Expanded PTFE Gasket
Description:Expanded PTFE Gaskets and Seal materials consist of virgin PTFE with multidirectional fibrous and/or porous structure, which the extruded PTFE consists of. A special manufacturing process provides the material with special chemical and physical properties. This can be of advantage in wide range of the applications.ZD-G1630 soft flexible PTFE gasket and sealing material easily conforms to sealing surface imperfections with less torque than conventional materials. Expa...

PTFE Envelope Gasket
Description: ZD-G1700 PTFE envelope gasket are use for type of static seal. ZD-G1700 is composed of elastic materials and it has superior properties against chemical (not affected by all chemicals except molten alkali metal and fluorine at elevated temperature).It also has a wide working temperature range,low coefficient of static and dynamic friction. ZD-G1700 is the best of the “non-stick” materials. PTFE envelope gasket has excellent weathering and aging characteristics....

Rubber Gasket
Description:Rubber is the most cost-effective material to use where temperatures and pressures are low and the chemical environment is mild. Different elastomers offer different mechanical and chemical properties. Cloth inserted materials are better able to handle movement and high compression loads....

Heat Insulation Gasket
Description: Made from ceramic fiber paper.It could be cut into suitable shapes. Heat Insulation Gaskets are appropriate when an inexpensive heat seal is required. Only used where sealing pressures are low, it happily operates in areas where temperatures are in excess of 1472 F. It is soft and can be easily laminated to form thicker seals, hence flange finish is not particularly important when using this material....

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