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Asbestos products:  Asbestos Cloth  |   Asbestos Rope  |   Asbestos Tape  |   Asbestos Yarn  |  
Asbestos Cloth
Description:ZD-AC asbestos cloth is divided into two kinds: duststone cloth and dust-free asbestos cloth.
ZD-AC1 duststone cloth and asbestos woven by the warp and weft thread with dust and asbestos. It is suitable for thermal insulation of boilers and pipes. It is often used in factories, ships, power plants, etc. If the wire is reinforced or covered with aluminum foil, it is required.

Asbestos Rope
Product classification: Asbestos square rope, asbestos twist rope, asbestos round rope and asbestos pine rope.
Product characteristics:The dust free stone is a new type of thermal insulation material. It is the latest product in the market at home and abroad. It uses the only quality pulp of our country as the raw material. Under the wet condition, the asbestos fiber is reacted with chemical additives and the advanced production process is used. A series of processe...

Asbestos Tape
Description:ZD-AT asbestos Tape is divided into: Asbestos tape and dustless asbestos tape. It has a certain heat resistance and insulation, mainly with no shuttle woven fabric. According to the fabric structure, it can be divided into plain weave, twill, satin, herringbone tissue, and broken twill. The appearance is white, smooth, no breakage. It is a good insulating material. It is mainly used for the binding of electric motors, transformers, communication cab...

Asbestos Yarn
Asbestos YarnDescription:ZD-AY Asbestos Yarn is divided into two kinds: duststone Yarn and dust-free asbestos Yarn.
ZD-GY1 duststone Yarn which is made up of at least 75% asbestos and other cotton fibers. The color is white. According to the quality and grade of asbestos, it can be divided into C, B, class A, AA, AAA and AAAA, different grades, and their temperature and tensile strength are also different. The dust and asbestos yarn can be reinforced by glass fiber, ...

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