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Flexible Graphite Rolls/Pure Graphite Sheet
Description:Expanded graphite rolls(sheeting) is made of natural graphite flake.Expanded graphite rolls is actually chemically treated graphite intercalation compound. This intercalation compound is then rapidly heated to decomposition. The result is a rapid expansion of the particle size. The bulk density of the worm-like graphite powders is about 0.003g/cc. Then they are formed into graphite sheets by rolling.Expanded graphite rolls is used as glands.It can also be cut into ga...

Flexible Graphite Weaven Tape(Cloth)
Description:This kind of graphite tape(cloth) is weaven closely from graphite yarn.Graphite weaven tape is flexible and used as gland packing or gasket material.It has better tensile strength than normal graphite tape,and it is substitute of asbestos thermal insulating materials.Graphite weaven tape cab also be reinforced with metal wire to enhance the capability.The self-adhesivet graphite weaven tape is also available.It is easy to cut and install. Graphite fibre weaven tape.T...

Braided Expanded Graphite Sleeve Tape
Description:ZD-T3400 graphite oblate packing is braided of expanded pure graphite yarn.We weave graphite fibre sleeve with graphite yarn and press the sleeve to be oblate tape.The oblate style graphite packing is used widely in sealing of captive liquid.And it has perfect resistance to most of corrosive chemicals and high temperature.It can also be reinforced with metal wire in the core or outside.The metal wire enhance the intensity and avoid the desquamate of graphite.The proc...

Flexible Graphite Fibre Round Rope
Description:ZD-T3500 is braided from graphite fibre to be round rope.It can also be reinforced with metal wire in the core or outside.The metal wire enhance the intensity and avoid the desquamate of graphite....

Flexible Grapite Tape,Flexible Grapite Corrugated Tape
Description:The expanded graphite tape is cut from pure graphite rolls and it has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and good elasticity.It has character of thermally stability, high strength and no cold flow,chemical stability,lubricating property.It is used widely to process all kinds of sealing materials....

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