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Aramid Fiber Braided Packing
Description:Aramid fiber braided packing is made of Du Pont's Aramid yarn.As the strength and module of Aramid is as high as the steel-like strength.So Aramid fiber braided packing compared with other kinds of braided packing,Aramid fiber braided packing can resist more serve media and higher pressure. Aramid fiber braided packing can be installed separately or as end rings with other kinds of packing to combine different characteristics into packing set.Aramid fiber braided pac...

Aramid Fiber Packing With Silicone Core
Description: Aramid Fibre Packing With Silicon Rubber Core is combines a resilient silicone rubber core with the heat resistanted Aramid fiber. The elastic rubber core gives the packing better memory, allowing it to withstand radial shaft motion and vibration while maintaining excellent leakage control with minimal gland adjustments. Aramid Fibre Packing With Silicon Rubber Core is easy to use and break-in and this packing is designed for use in abrasive service applications suc...

Aramid fiber packing impregnated PTFE
Description:Aramid fiber braided packing impregnated with PTFE emulsion and silicone oil and lubricant processing woven. It has good chemical resistance, high resilience and low cold flow. It has excellent properties of high rotational speed and high modulus (known as artificial metal wire). Therefore, compared with other types of packings, it can resist granular crystalline medium and higher temperature. It can be used alone or combined with other packings. It is...

Nomex Fiber Fibre Braided Packing
Description: Nomex Fiber Fibre Braided Packing is braided from high quality Dupont spun Nomex yarns with PTFE-Impregnation and lubricant additive. High cross-sectional density and structural strength, good sliding characteristic, gentle on shaft surfaces. Compared to Kevlar, it do not hurt shaft, also ideal for food industries....

Graphite PTFE Packing with Aramid corner
Description:PTFE graphite packing aramide corners is used to prevent gap extrusions within the high pressure and temperature. PTFE graphite packing aramide corners is with perfect sliding velocity and thermal conductivity. This gland packing is recommended for piston pumps long service live. PTFE graphite packing aramide corners can be used to seal water.Sewage water,hot water.It can also be used to seal oils,greases,gases.,weak acids and alkaline solutions,abrasive media....

Aramid PTFE Graphite Packing
Description:Aramid PTFE Graphite Packing is made of aramid fiber and PTFE graphite fiber,high strength aramid fiber is interwoven in the PTFE graphite yarns....

Carbon Fiber Packing with Aramid Corners
Description:Carbon Fiber Packing with Aramid Corners, impregnated PTFE and lubricant, and woven into a high strength, good thermal conductivity, small friction coefficient and other advantages, especially suitable for high pressure, high speed operating parts of the seal. According to customer requirements, it can be molded into four corner aramid carbon fiber packing ring, such as ZD-RP1422.

PTFE Gland Fibre Braided Packing Aramid Corner
Description: PTFE Gland Graphite Fibre Braided Packing Aramid Corner composite corrosion resistant tetrafluoroethylene material, impregnated PTFE and lubricants, woven and made of high strength, good corrosion resistance, small friction coefficient and other advantages, especially suitable for high pressure, high speed operation of the seal. According to customer requirements can be molded into PTFE Gland Graphite Fibre Braided Packing Aramid Corner ring: ZD-RP...

Spun Aramid Fiber Packing
Description: Spun Aramid Fiber Packing is braided from high quality spun Aramid fiber with PTFE Impregnation and lubricant additive. It shows good chemical resistance, high elasticity and very low cold flow. It is wear resistant but no harm to the shaft. Compared with other kinds of packing, it can resist more severe media and higher pressure. The packing is also lubricated with a silicone-based compound for quick and easy break-in....

Graphited Spun Aramid Fiber Packing
Description:Graphited Spun Aramid Fiber Packing is mixed high quality braided packing, made from aramid fiber yarns impregnated with graphite. It can prevent from gap extrusion under high temperature and pressure. It can be used to seal a long life cycle of highpressure industrial pump....

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