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Injectable Packing Of KCS
Description:KCS-2000 imported from Spanish Fibras Y Elastomeros S.A company. Package specification: Standard 4KG(3.8 L)/barrel, can package acc to clients' demand.

Injectable Packing Of PLS-1000
Description: The PLS-1000 layered packing combination with excellent performance can provide you with a more reliable and safer seal. PLS-1000 has three working conditions of fillers to choose, to solve all kinds of conditions you need to seal.

Injectable Packing Of U-PAK
Description:U packing is an injection type sealing filler for pump and valve made by UTEX industry company. It is a kind of arbitrary deformed mud like super coil developed by the chemical technology of space age. The packing box can be injected into the pump or valve to restore the sealing effect and avoid the trouble and flower of replacing the root regularly. Fee.
U packing is a high-tech sealing product made of non asbestos, nontoxic synthetic ...

Injectable Packing Of 2810
Description:The famous brand from Europe has changed the packing seal mode with packing as the main body. It has the following advantages:

Molded Packing Ring
Description:Molded Packing Ring is made from different kinds of gland packing.Such as PTFE molded packing,PTFE abestos molded packing,graphite molded packing,Carbonized fiber molded packing ring,Acrylic fibre molded packing ring.Molded Packing Ring can be produced as customers' request.It is used widely in many situation.There are many styles of molded packing ring:PTFE Molded Packing Ring,Lubricated PTFE Fibre Molded Packing Ring,Graphite PTFE Fibre Molded Packing ring with oil...

Injectable Packing
Description:ZD-T4000 Injectable Packing is a carefully controlled blend of high-tech greases and lubricants combined with modern fibers resulting in a superior product. Its malleable consistency makes it easy to use. It can be injected with a high pressure gun or installed by hand. Unlike braided packing, no cutting is necessary. It will conform to any size stuffing box and seal it....

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