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Reinforced Graphite Gasket(Tanged Graphite Gasket)
Description:It is made from graphite as homogeneous, reinforced by metal mesh, foil or tanged metal.Laminated from compressed layers of purified natural graphite flake, and mechanically bonded with the stainless steel tangs, ensures the material retains dimensional stability in high temperatures. In addition the material seals easily under moderate bolt loads offering torque retention through service and sealing tightly even during pressure fluctuations.?Reinforced graphite gask...

Spiral Wound Gasket
Description:Spiral wound gaskets are special semi-metallic gaskets of great resilience, therefore they are very suitable for applications featuring heavy operating conditions, Spiral wound gaskets are manufactured by spirally winding a V-shaped metal strip and a strip of non-metallic filler material. The metal strip holds the filler, providing the gasket with mechanical resistance and resilience. Spiral wound gaskets can be reinforced by an outer centering ring and/or inner reta...

Range of Materials Spiral Wound Gaskets
In order to adapt to the different work conditions required to meet all kinds of medium and fluid sealing requirements. We continuously research and producing various kinds of special materials spiral wound gaskets. Satisfy all customers' different requirements....

Spiral Wound Gasket for Heat Exchanger
Description: Spiral wound gasket for heat exchangers are designed for heat exchangers, it can be with or without inner and outer rings.This style spiral wound gasket is for heat exchangers where pass bars are required. The outer portion is of standard spiral wound construction. The rib portion is normally of single or double jacketed style....

Spiral Wound Exhaust Pipe Gasket
Description:A spiral-wound gasket includes a plurality of tightly wound metal windings to form a core. The windings each have a Chervon cross-section, wherein V-notched undulations of each winding registers with an adjacent winding at said notches. The edges of the windings are welded to form a pre-assembled integral composite that is installed into a J-shaped outer wrap or cover. Finally, the cover is closed about the core so as to entirely cover and encapsulate the core. In a ...

Manhole & Handhole Spiral Wound Gasket
Description:Spiral Wound Gaskets for manhole and handhole, tubecap etc. DONDE's anticipation of developments in modern steam generating and engineering equipment and ability to design to specific requirements are the guarantee of the perfect seal at minimum maintenance cost with consistently high standards of performance....

Metallic Kamprofile(Serrated) Gasket
Description:ZD-G1900 kamprofile(serrated)gasket is mechanically made from integral metal. The available materials include soft iron, SS304, SS316, carbon steel, SS321. Groove of concentric circles by processing with professional equipments.It can be sealeder than the general metallic flat gasket.Especially,it is suitable for use on the flange pipe of high pressure and high temperature .And it is easy that the top cover of pressure vessel is closed in the all kinds of the valves....

Metallic Corrugated Gasket
Description:ZD-G2010 corrugated metal gasket are used by 0.5mm,1.0mm,2.0mm,etc metal sheets, by pressing, turning,rolling and other metal production processes into thin gasket, the surface equidistant concerntric circular wave.Corrugated Metal Gasket is better than serrated gasket, such as compression and rebound rate. According to the requirements of different sealing surface to adjust the waveform,usually the waveform according reference standards.Paste the surface or lining m...

Metal Jacketed Gasket(Double Jacketed Gasket)
Description:Metal jacketed gaskets comprise of a thin metallic outer shell enclosing a resilient filler material. The gaskets metal case protects the resilient filler and is resistant to pressure, temperature and corrosion.Metal jacketed gaskets are hand made and are available in many shapes and sizes with a selection of metals and fillers available. Internal ribs of any configuration are available.These gaskets are widely used in heat exchanger applications but require good and...

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